About Us

"Earl Stovall, owner"
Stovall Custom Woodworking is dedicated to expert craftsmanship, customization and personalized service.

Turning Dreams into Reality
Our passion and know-how are one in the same: to turn dreams into reality. Whether that dream is a piece of furniture or a custom kitchen cabinet, we are driven to unite creativity and function with a valuable result for our clients.

For more than two decades, the founder of Stovall Custom Woodworking has been building custom kitchen cabinets, custom cabinetry and furniture with respected professionals. He has helped his clients—including individual homeowners, art galleries, museums, and cabinet shops—turn their dreams into reality.

Mark of Care
Stovall Custom Woodworking specializes in custom kitchen cabinets, custom cabinetry, design furniture and architectural millwork. We use a wide range of mediums including solid woods, glass, steel and fiberglass. Our know-how encompasses both contemporary and traditional styles.

We take great pride in attention to detail. Stovall Custom Woodworking's thoughtful approach ensures a finished product that is both well designed and aesthetically pleasing. Our products are not only designed with craftsmanship, they are delivered with care.